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2000 Changemaker: Leland R. Kaiser, Ph.D.

A recognized futurist and acknowledged authority on the changing American healthcare System, Leland Kaiser is a provacateur and mentor to many hospitals and healthcare organizations in the U.S.


Dr. Kaiser is known for his ability to change the way organizations think. A dynamic, motivational speaker, he often talks about the built environment and its relationship to the quality of healthcare. He has mentored and influenced countless individuals and organizations, and is truly a "giant" in the healthcare industry.


In his 10-minute acceptance speech at the 2000 Symposium on Healthcare Design in Anaheim, CA, Dr. Kaiser told the audience of healthcare and design professionals that "The two greatest design resources that we have are genetics, which is the most powerful technology available to any life form; and habitat redesign."


He also said "You're not just building buildings in this country, you're changing health policy."