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About Us

We started in 1993 as a team of forward thinkers with a vision for creating healthcare facilities that promote healthier environments for patients and staff. This vision became a movement.

Since then, we’ve seen changes to healthcare facilities ranging from daylighting and access to nature to single-bed patient rooms and thoughtful design details that can reduce falls and infections. These changes are not only becoming commonplace—they’re creating positive change.

Throughout our history, The Center has established a proven track record of creating, launching and delivering programs that provide true value to the healthcare design industry — The Pebble Project, EDAC certification, the Affiliate Program, the HERD Journal, the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference, along with the largest collection of healthcare design research, best practices, resources and tools for today’s most urgent and challenging healthcare design issues.

Today, our community is diverse. Architects, interior designers, healthcare executives, healthcare professionals, researchers, product manufacturers, educators, and students are all committed to optimizing healthcare facilities. Healthcare design is changing for the better, and we only see this trend gaining momentum.

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The Center for Health Design advances best practices and empowers healthcare leaders with quality research that demonstrates the value of design to improve health outcomes, patient experience of care, and provider/staff satisfaction and performance. 

Through design research, education, and advocacy, we’re leading the way in transforming hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, doctor’s offices, and residential care facilities for a safer, healthier tomorrow.

The Center for Health Design is a 501(C)(3) organization.


Our Pebble Project, Research Coalition, and Advisory Services programs connect industry leaders with resources that help them identify the impact that investing in facility design can make.


From regional to national events, we bring people together to share, learn, and advance best practices in healthcare design. We also equip industry professionals with tools and training that enable them to effectively evaluate, test, prioritize, implement, and optimize facility investments. Our internationally recognized Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC) program awards certification to healthcare planners, architects, designers, contractors, and management professionals demonstrating an understanding of applying evidence-based design to healthcare facilities.


We concentrate on several key initiatives promoting the understanding and strategic application of design influencing healthcare performance, patient satisfaction, and staff productivity and safety. This includes our Built Environment Network, healthcare design industry awards programs, affiliate membership program, and active involvement in the Environmental Standards Council.



As a member of our Affiliate or Affiliate+ program, you will gain instant access to a host of resources, including interviews, case studies, and a wealth of knowledge from a collective of thought leaders who are creating change in healthcare. Stay current on the latest health design topics with these educational resources that will inform and improve your design projects.

Thoughtful design can make a difference in healthcare settings for patients, their families, and their caregivers.


Join us in our effort to move healthcare forward.