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2021 Accomplishments

It's what makes the holidays special, this year more than ever.

It's what makes The Center stronger, working toward our common goals.

Take a look at these highlights of what we’ve accomplished working together and with your support in 2021.

While for most of 2021 the pandemic continued to challenge our notion of “working together”, our team, partners, volunteers, industry leaders and supporters rallied to continue advancing our core mission of improving healthcare through the design of the built environment, and sharing these advances with the entire industry and world.

These accomplishments are made all the more noteworthy by the environment in which they were achieved. We’re grateful for the continued commitment, collaboration, investment and support that makes this possible.


  • The Center's research team continues with several primary research projects:
    • Participates as a co-investigator on an AHRQ-funded Patient Safety Learning Lab with Medstar Health (Washington DC/Maryland area), is investigating the misdiagnosis of women with cardiovascular disease and The Center’s role is understanding and studying the influence of the macro (urban) and micro (clinic design) environment. 
    • Participates as a co-investigator on an AHRQ-funded grant with the University of Utah. The team is investigating the influence of patient room design to mitigate the risk of falls. Using augmented reality and computer algorithm, the team is currently investigating the potential for optimizing room design and understanding how changes in specific design interventions affect stability during ambulation. An open-access peer-reviewed paper representing a portion of the project was published in August (Designing a Patient Room as a Fall Protection Strategy: The Perspectives of Healthcare Design Experts). Another portion of the study, Development of a Novel Computational Model for Evaluating Fall Risk in Patient Room Design, was published in the HERD Journal.
    • Completed a study for a “sonic environment” in a long-term care facility to understand its influence on sleep and maladaptive behaviors.
    • Completed the first phase of a research project with DIRTT. The project was established to better understand industry perceptions of pre-fabricated, modular, and industrialized construction.
    • Started a project with Principle Long Term care to develop an evidence-based Senior Living Design Tool.
  • Presented education sessions for ASHE PDC, the Grainger Annual Meeting, Environments for Aging, Healthcare Design Conference & Expo, as well as webinars for The Center’s Icons webinar series and Research Snapshots for The Center’s Behavioral Health and Pediatric workshops.
  • Guest lecture/Adjunct teaching for Clemson University, Texas Tech, Kent State University, and Space, Technology and Shared-Decision-Making Group.
  • The Knowledge Repository grew to over 5,400 references and 843 key point summaries with support from the AIA AAH, HFER, ASHE, FGI, NIHD and Research Design Connections.
  • Provided six "Research in a Snap" newsletters, a listing of the most recent papers and citations found in the Knowledge Repository.
  • Created slidecasts and "Ledes," both of which give a quick video synopsis of recent research studies within the Knowledge Repository.
  • Adding a Flexible Secure Treatment Room to the Interactive Design Diagrams (will be live early 2022).
  • The HERD Journal continues its quarterly issues and its Impact Factor has increased to 2.624 (from 1.724 in 2019). The 5-year impact factor is 3.03.
  • Ellen Taylor transitions from her 2021 role as President-Elect for the AIA AAH to President in 2022.


  • Produced 29 webinars providing 31 continuing education hours. Over 180 webinars are now available on demand.
  • Produced 5 virtual workshops on demand that focused on pediatric, aging, pre-fab and behavioral health facility design. Over 2,000 participants attended these workshops from around the globe.
  • Produced the Environments for Aging and Healthcare Design Conferences with our partner Emerald Expositions, offering 120 CEUs and networking opportunities with over 2,500 colleagues, peers and industry leaders.
  • EDAC increased the global community to over 3,000 EDAC certified people since the program launched in 2009.
  • EDAC Study Guides 1, 2, & 3 are now digital and available through MadCad.
  • Hosted four “Putting EBD into Practice” Coaching workshops, two virtual and two in-person at the Environments for Aging and Healthcare Design Conferences. Attendees were from all over the US as well as individuals from Canada, Singapore, Australia, and Qatar.
  • Hosted an EBD workshop focused on art in healthcare environments.
  • Hosted a virtual workshop on how to integrate Lean and EBD.


  • The Built Environment Network (BEN) welcomed Enstoa as a new industry partner. BEN members are responsible for over 200 million square feet and over $4 billion in annual operating budgets.
  • BEN members continue to have monthly calls to share updates and lessons learned during COVID. The value of the network was demonstrated during the calls where real-time ideas and solutions were shared amongst the members. 
  • ​Welcomed 74 new Affiliate members and 8 new Affiliate+ members.
  • The Environmental Standards Council developed a guide to assist healthcare providers and facilities in the development of a functional program to optimize subsequent planning, design and construction efforts. We encourage you to check out this new tool – the Functional Program Process Guide.
  • Awarded 12 projects with Touchstone Awards: 6 at the Platinum level, 4 Gold, and 2 Silver.
  • Awarded 5 projects and noted 3 honorable mentions for the 2021 Healthcare Environment Awards
  • Awarded the Environments for Aging Changemaker Award to Pattie Moore and the Healthcare Design Changemaker Award to George Tingwald. Each were celebrated at the Awards Ceremony at their respective conferences.
  • Awarded Frank Zilm with the Russ Coile Lifetime Achievement Award and celebrated his accomplishments at the Healthcare Design Conference & Expo.