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4Tower Medical Equipment Planning Software developed for Medical Equipment Planners and designed to facilitate engagement and collaboration between architects, clinicians, equipment vendors, construction, and the medical equipment planning community. We strive to drive efficiency in the equipment planning process saving our users time and money!

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  • SpecAdvisor front-end capital management system with product database sourced directly from vendors and manufacturers to build your project. Run reports, produce necessary documentation, and track important metrics on procured equipment. Track useful life, run maintenance analysis, and create a tangible asset deliverable for client hand-off.
  • SpecSource houses and controls data that can be visualized using SpecAdvisor or a different external system. Medical Equipment Planners (MEP's) can integrate the SpecSource Equipment Planning API with your current software to increase productivity.
  • VendorConnect the industry’s first and only solution that offers vendors the ability to manage and present their product data and specifications in the format MEP's need.