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H+L Architecture

At H+L Architecture, nature and nurture are more than opposing sides of an argument – they coexist at the heart of every one of our projects. As the Rocky Mountain’s leading expert in the planning and design of healthcare, education, and science/technology environments, we’ve devoted nearly half a century to crafting high-style, high-functioning spaces that help people heal, learn, and create. During that time we’ve come to understand the nature of nurturing – and we’ve made it an integral part of the H+L experience, every step of the way.

At H+L we fashion ourselves as people of possibility . . . a new kind of architecture firm. We are passionate of heart, enthusiastic in outlook, curious in intellect, and optimistic and hopeful in spirit. We realize that first we shape our buildings but then they shape us. We re-establish the distinction between great architecture and mere building. We commit to the high ground of imagination, connecting with our unique ability to send spirits soaring for generations to come. We design with the knowledge that each foundation must not only support the physical structure of the building but it must also support the dreams of its occupants. H+L is committed to discovering concepts that stretch well beyond functional space to engaging place. Together with you, we will shape the spaces that shape the lives in our communities.

Healthcare planning and architecture has been the mainstay of our design efforts since inception. As of 2013, H+L Architecture has been ranked the Number 1 Healthcare Architecture firm in Colorado for 6 of the past 10 years and is currently ranked in the top 5 Architecture firms in Colorado and Wyoming by ENR Mountain States. We have designed in excess of $1.5 billion and over four-million square feet of healthcare projects in the last decade, covering five states, and is perennially in the Denver Business Journal’s Top Five Colorado Architectural Firms. Most of our projects are extremely complex, and our peers recognize us for our high technical expertise.

H+L’s health studio is comprised of an unparalleled staff that works 100% on healthcare projects. The experience of the healthcare staff averages greater than fifteen years, and all of H+L’s Principals have extensive experience in healthcare architecture. Our planners and designers endeavor to stay abreast of the ever-changing climate of the healthcare environment.

Effective January 1, 2016 H+L Architecture merged with Treanor Architects. While continuing with branding development, the new company will be referred to as Treanor|H+L and will be referenced as such in this packet.

Treanor|H+L brings together two companies with extensive history and expertise. Treanor|H+L now has created a national presence in the pediatric and healthcare Industry with over 150 staff members across 8 offices, 53 years of expertise, and 100 licensed architects.

H+L is excited about the great opportunities that have been presented with the merger with Treanor Architects. As we continue our branding efforts we plan to move forward as Treanor|H+L till a full brand is developed. We hope this allows you to understand that we are two strong brands that are coming together to offer the expertise service.

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