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Man Made Music

Man Made Music is a global sonic studio dedicated to creating iconic and enduring music and sound that moves people and solves for real human and business problems.

We create music and sound to bring experiences to life. Our highest order guiding principle is Sonic Humanism™ - that life should be richer and simper through the power of sound. The enemy is Sonic Trash - sound that is unnecessary, emotionally distressful and unhealthy to environments and people.

Our work spans from entertainment to electric vehicles, brands to product design, theme parks and health and wellness innovation. We believe that the work we will ultimately do in healthcare will be the most important work our company ever does.

We bring Sonic Humanism™ to all of our solutions. This includes Human Empathy, Sonic Strategy, Sonic Design Insights, SonicPulse® Research, Custom-Designed Music & Sound, and Considerations/Recommendations/Solutions for Technology, Environments and Acoustics.