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Distinctive Art Source

At Distinctive Art Source, we’re changing the scope and scale of healthcare art programs. Working closely with healthcare professionals, architects, designers, wayfinding teams and artists, we create healthcare art programs with an integrated visual experience that envelops the viewer and contributes to positive patient outcomes. We continually push the boundaries of what’s expected to introduce innovative and technology-driven options. From etched glass to large-scale graphics…from backlit panels to bubble walls…our resources allow us to bring unparalleled art experiences to hospitals across the country.

Distinctive Art Source is a turnkey art consultancy working exclusively in healthcare with a foundation in evidence- and patient-based design. We believe thoughtfully developed art programs contribute to an integrated visual experience and foster mutually-beneficial community relationships. Our nationwide artist database connects clients with unlimited art sources throughout the country to enable hospitals to conceptualize, visualize and realize the goals of their art programs.

Established in 2003, Distinctive Art Source has served a pivotal role in creating evidence- and patient-based art programs in millions of square feet of hospital space. We are honored to work closely with some of the nation’s most renowned healthcare architects, designers and artists, blending seamlessly into existing architectural processes to keep projects on time and within budget.