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Steelcase Health

At Steelcase Health we are focused on healthcare environments and how products within these environments can make them more conducive to the healing process. And together with our partners, we are moving the healthcare experience forward. At the core of Steelcase Health's approach is the idea that patients, caregivers and partners in care have their own distinct needs within the healthcare environment. We know this because we've watched them firsthand. And our investment in research and collaboration has allowed us to not only see, but experience the interconnectedness of environments-how one action affects another. So we understand the necessity of a holistic approach. From workflow and productivity issues to improved comfort and control, Nurture is committed to making healthcare environments of all kinds better for all users. It's this commitment that has driven us to work towards solutions that ultimately promote healing. And it's this commitment that will drive us to continue to try to find a better way for all, for years to come.

At Steelcase, we avoid the typical "one-off" product approach, instead looking at environments with a holistic approach that considers how our products relate to what's around them-and who's using them. Our product line is simple, flexible, comfortable and durable. Designed with broadly appealing aesthetic and intelligent, intuitive features that address the needs of the end user. Our goal is to help you realize your vision of a more open, healthy environment, whether it's through a complete room offering, or products that easily integrate with what you may be already using. As a Corporate Pebble Partner, and working with our global network of distributors, Nurture offers a full range of seating, storage, casegoods and modular products for both administrative and clinical spaces-from nurse stations to offices, patient rooms to senior living, pediatrics to behavioral health and all the services you need to fulfill your vision of your space. As the EDAC educational partner, we work with your team, to help link your goals, the outcomes you seek, to your space and partner with the leading architectural and design organizations to meet your needs. The Nurture resources include a full time research team, trained distributors with specification and installation services, design assistance, expertise in Lean and Sustainability and ecommerce experts to help you run your project on time, on budget and designed to exceed expectations.