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The Evidence-Based Design Touchstone Awards Presented by The Center for Health Design


About the Award


The Evidence-Based Design Touchstone Award recognizes the use of an evidence-based design (EBD) process in the pursuit of:

  • increasing value for patients, families, staff, and healthcare organizations,

  • improving outcomes (health outcomes, satisfaction, productivity, safety, and quality)

  • engaging everyone affected in a healthcare design project (patients, staff, families, and more).

Since 2009, nearly 2,500 individuals have been certified through the EDAC (Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification) program. These individuals and others use the EBD process in projects worldwide to improve healthcare.

Until recently, their outstanding work has not been celebrated. For this reason, The Center for Health Design created The Evidence-Based Design Touchstone Award. Awards are given to projects that demonstrate exemplary achievement across the touchstones of the EBD process: collaboration, evaluation, and sharing.

Why Should My Team Apply?

  • Like the adoption of evidence in medical practice, the choice to use evidence and research in the design and construction of your project demonstrates your organization’s thoughtful commitment to the highest standards and a desire to make a difference for those who have entrusted you with their care.

  • You have created a distinction of difference. The Touchstone Award distinguishes your healthcare project as a stellar example of design executed with the intention to improve the patient, family, and staff experience, health outcomes, and the overall value for all stakeholders and the organization.

  • You will showcase your innovative design solutions, build momentum for future projects, and deepen relationships through the celebration of your collaborative and impactful work.

  • You will advance the industry’s knowledge by sharing your EBD journey and lessons learned to create an environment that will improve healthcare outcomes.

Award Criteria and Award Levels

Submissions are scored based upon their success in achieving criteria in the three categories:

  • Collaborate: Projects demonstrate interdisciplinary team and stakeholder education, engagement and development.

  • Evaluate: Projects demonstrate the extent to which research was found, evaluated, and applied to link design to outcomes and measurement of results.

  • Share: Projects demonstrate how the EBD process was applied and how the knowledge gained was disseminated, captured, and has potential application to future projects.

Three levels of the award are given – Silver, Gold, and Platinum – each reflecting successively greater application and achievement of the EBD process and principles. At the Platinum Level, projects demonstrate the deepest application of EBD and knowledge contribution to the industry. Applicants are not compared to one another; only against the award criteria. 

Eligibility and Entry

Submissions will be accepted for any healthcare projects (built or conceptual) that demonstrate the use of an EBD process in the pursuit of increasing value, improving outcomes, and engaging stakeholders. All individuals involved in a project that used the EBD process should apply.
Online applications will be accepted year-round. The application fee is $950 per project, with discounts available for Affiliate members as well as EDAC Champion and Advocate Firms. 


The jury is an expert review panel of industry representatives — Academics, Architects, Designers, Healthcare Executives, Facility Executives, Planners, Patient and Family Advisors, and Researchers. The Center manages the process and ensures blind-entry judging.

Award Announcement and Promotion 

Award recipients will be announced and celebrated each year at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference (November), at the Environments for Aging Expo & Conference, (April), in press releases, through multiple e-communications with The Center’s membership, and on The Center’s website. Additional promotional opportunities for teams and individuals are available.
Learn more about award recognition opportunities here.

Applicant Information 

Follow these steps to apply:
  1. Download the Application Information Packet to view the application questions and read in detail about the award criteria, scoring, instructions, and more.
  2. Document your answers to the application questions on a word document. (Questions can be found starting on page 7 of the application information packet).
  3. Download and complete the Interdisciplinary Team & Roles Chart. This must be uploaded in the application. 
  4. Download and complete the Stakeholder Contribution Chart. This must be uploaded in the application. 
  5. Download and complete the Photo Release Form if you will be uploading images to your application. You will be asked at the end of the application to upload a completed release form.
  6. Complete the purchase of the EBD Touchstone Awards Application Fee for access to the online application.
  7. After paying the fee, you will receive a link to the online application. Copy and paste your answers from your word document into the online application. ​

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