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The Evidence-Based Design Touchstone Awards Presented by The Center for Health Design

Recognizing Achievement in Evidence-Based Design

For over 20 years the mission of The Center for Health Design has been to transform healthcare environments for a healthier, safer world through research, education and advocacy.

Through our EDAC (Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification) credentialing program we have certified nearly 2,500 individuals who have demonstrated a base knowledge of the evidence-based design (EBD) process.

Since 2009, healthcare administrators, architects, designers, educators and others, have applied an EBD (evidence-based design) process in projects throughout the world aimed to measurably improve healthcare outcomes, safety, quality, operational performance, and the experiences of patients, families and staff.

This award – a natural next step in the EBD progression – recognizes the use of an evidence-based design process in the pursuit of increasing value, improving outcomes, and engaging stakeholders. Awards are given to projects that show exemplary achievement across touchstones of the EBD process: collaboration, evaluation, and sharing.

Award Program Summary


Award Criteria 

Using a detailed evaluation matrix — created by The Center and based on more than two decades of work and collaboration across the health design community - submissions will be judged based upon their success in achieving identified criteria in the following three categories:

  • Collaborate: Submissions must demonstrate interdisciplinary team and stakeholder education, engagement and development.
  • Evaluate: Submissions must demonstrate the extent to which research was found, evaluated, and applied to link design to outcomes and measurement of results.
  • Share: Submissions must demonstrate how the EBD process was applied and how the knowledge gained was disseminated, captured, and has the potential for application to future projects.

Awards are determined based on how well the project meets criteria to achieve different levels of recognition. Applicants are not compared to one another; only against award criteria. 

Award Eligibility 

Submissions will be accepted for projects that demonstrate the use of an evidence-based design process targeted to increase value and improve outcomes (e.g., quality, safety, experience, operational performance, ROI).

Who Should Apply

Any and all stakeholders involved in a project that applied the EBD process (i.e., individuals or teams from A&D firms, healthcare organizations, research, patient advocacy, etc.). Wondering how to submit a project to the Evidence-Based Design Touchstone Awards? Join us for a step-by-step description and review of the submission process.  

Awards Entry

Online applications will be accepted quarterly. The application fee is $950 per project, with discounts available for Affiliate members as well as EDAC Champion and Advocate Firms. 

Applicant Information - Applications will be accepted Year Round

  1. Application Information Packet: Please download this packet prior to completing your application. You will find information here about the award criteria, scoring, instructions, and more.

  2. Interdisciplinary Team & Roles Chart: This document must be completed and uploaded in the application. 

  3. Stakeholder Contribution Chart: This document must be completed and uploaded in the application. 

  4. Photo Release Form: Download and complete this form if you will be uploading any images to your application. You will be asked at the end of the application to upload a completed version.

  5. EBD Awards Touchstone Awards Application Fee: Complete the purchase of the application fee for access to the online application.



An expert review panel consisting of key industry stakeholders — Academics, Architects, Designers, Healthcare Executives, Facility Executives, Planners, Patient and Family Advisors, and Researchers, has been engaged by The Center, which will manage the process and ensure blind entry judging.

Award Levels

Awards will be given in three levels – Silver, Gold, and Platinum – each reflecting successively greater application and achievement of the evidence-based design process and principles. At Platinum, projects demonstrate the deepest use and application of evidence-based design that also contributed knowledge to the industry and future projects.

Award Announcement and Promotion 

Projects receiving the award will be announced each year at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference (November), Environments for Aging Expo & Conference, (April), in press releases, through multiple e-communications with Center membership, and on The Center’s website. Additional promotional opportunities for teams and individuals associated with the awarded projects will be made available through The Center.

More about award promotional opportunities here.



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