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EBD Touchstone Awards Recognition Opportunities

The Evidence-Based Design Touchstone Awards recognize the use of an evidence-based design process in the pursuit of increasing value, improving outcomes, and engaging stakeholders. Awards are given to projects that show exemplary achievement across touchstones of the EBD process: collaboration, evaluation, and sharing.

All EBD Touchstone Award recipients will receive the following:

  • Recognition at the annual Healthcare Design Expo & Conference Award Ceremony in November. (Attended by 4,000 architects, designers, healthcare administrators, product manufacturers, and more).
  • The Center for Health Design’s staff will highlight your project achievements during an educational session at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference.
  • Use of the EBD Touchstone Award emblem. The emblem can be used for:
    • External communication - newsletters, brochures, advertising, flyers, billboards, banner signage, social media, radio, and television
    • On business cards
    • Local, regional and national presentations
  • Listing in Healthcare Design magazine
  • A personalized crystal EBD Touchstone Award that features the project and firm name. The award will be presented to the firm’s and/or organization’s representative at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference.
  • Recognition on The Center for Health Design’s  website, with the opportunity to participate in an interview to be posted along with your project.
  • Award letter and certificate
  • The Center for Health Design will send a press release announcing the recipient projects. A press release template will also be provided to your organization. 

Add-On Items

  • Additional crystal awards                     $350.00

  • In-Depth Project Highlight                $1,850.00 discounted 50% to $925.00


For more information, please contact Randy Carter, rcarter@healthdesign.org.


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