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Baby Boomers have arrived! Now how do we design for them: Demystifying Evidence-based Design


Baby Boomers have arrived resulting in startling statistics with over 15% of our population over 65. With the rapidly increasing number of Baby Boomers becoming ‘seniors’, patients are making new demands on our healthcare system. It is important for designers to learn how to develop, program, and design our hospitals to meet the needs of our aging population. Health care environments should be designed to functionally support the independence of the individual by compensating for physical and cognitive losses through design interventions. Designers working in both acute care and long-term care facilities must understand how to design for the unique needs of this population, to ensure that all aspects of the interior environment contribute to the healing process. With the paucity of research on seniors, this presentation is designed to inform, as well as evoke further inquiry for generating research to support evidence-based desig n decisions that support senior specific needs.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding importance of research for Senior Living environments.
  2. Understanding the term Evidence-Based Design (EBD).
  3. Understanding how art can contribute to supportive environments for seniors.



Dr. Sarajane Eisen, VP of Business Development & Research, Skyline Art Services


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January 15, 2014
Class Frequency:
Lecture/Educational Session