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Health-Care Flooring for the New Normal

Course Description

Emotions run high in hospitals. Patients, families, doctors, nurses, and countless other people vacillate from fear and exhaustion to relief and elation in the span of a few minutes, hours, or days. The floor is the last thing on anyone’s mind. And if it’s the right floor, that’s the way it should be. Floors that perform at the highest levels are a critical part of the support team, especially in these challenging times. They can reduce the risk of serious injuries associated with falls, leave nurses with a spring in their step even after a 12-hour shift, and help provide a sterile environment to prevent infections from spreading. High-performing floors even quiet the rush of hospital activity so patients can get a healing night’s sleep. This course illustrates the challenges facing healthcare settings today and guides the designer or specifier on how to choose the right flooring to solve those problems. Ultimately, flooring that’s good for health professionals is flooring that’s good for patient care, health outcomes, and the bottom line.


Learning objectives:

  • Discuss the state of wellness and illness in the United States, and what the Covid-19 pandemic revealed about our healthcare system and possible outcomes and impacts to population health going forward.
  • Define the challenges in a healthcare setting.
  • Identify how flooring can help solve problems of noise, staff fatigue, slips and falls, and infectious surfaces.
  • Discuss how to specify the right product for the application and Identify case studies that illustrate the challenges faced by healthcare providers and how savvy specification of flooring helped meet those challenges.

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EDAC Course ID:
January 1, 2021 to January 1, 2023
Class Frequency: