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The EDAC Report is published in May and November each year in HEALTHCARE DESIGN Magazine and is available for EDAC CEUs. To receive CEUs from this article, candidates must read the full article and complete a short online quiz.

From May 2011 Issue of HEALTHCARE DESIGN

Utilizing Evidence-Based Strategies to Design Safe, Efficient and Adaptable Patient Rooms

by Jim Atkinson, AIA, EDAC, Jim Hohenstein, AIA, and Cyndi McCullough, MSN, EDAC

The patient room is where patients spend the majority of their hospital stay and where they have the opportunity to interact with multiple caregivers. It also is the place where the potential for errors is greatest. Therefore, the design of patient rooms should be studied from the patient, staff, physician, and family perspectives. All have particular needs and desires that must be met.

It has been documented that patients want easy access, safety/security, privacy, accommodations for family, positive diversion/distraction, and the ability to see their providers. On the other hand, caregivers want the ability to see the patient and have accessible supplies/equipment. At the same time, there is pressure from families who are demanding more and better amenities as newer facilities blur the boundary between hospital and hospitality environments. (1 Continuing Education Units)


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