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Patient-Centered Design Innovation Summit


2017 Patient-Centered Design Innovation Summit 

Join the leaders in health facility design for the Patient Centered Design Innovation Summit, April 6-9, 2017 in Savannah, GA. Delegates representing health systems across the US will collaborate with design practitioners, researchers, clinicians and patients to develop solutions for health facility accommodations.  

Coastal Georgia Center 
305 Fahm St
Savannah, GA 31401  


PCD17-78-CIM (2 CEUs)
Chronic Illness Management 

PCD17-78-NMS  (2 CEUs)
Navigating Major Surgery & Critical Care

PCD17-78-BHM (2 CEUs)
Behavioral Health Management

PCD17-78-CDD (2 CEUs)
Patient Profile: Caring for Developmental Disabilities

PCD17-78-CWI (2 CEUs)
Patient Profile: Caring for Women & Infants

PCD17-78-PET (2 CEU)
The Patient Experience Theatre: Preparing for the Unexpected in the ED

PCD17-78-IFG (1 CEU)
Health Care Innovation Focus Groups

PCD17-78-RCC (1 CEU)
Battleground Design: Reflections on cancer care

PCD17-78-EFI (1 CEU) 
Experiential Design: Embracing Futuristic Ideas for Tomorrow’s Patient

PCD17-78-SNE (1 CEU)
Ingredients for Successful Nursing Environments

PCD17-78-SMH (1 CEU) 
Student Mentoring Hour

PCD17-78-ITA (1 CEU) 
Ideas to Action: introducing innovative ideas into practice

For more information please visit:

April 6, 2017 to April 9, 2017