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Post Occupancy Evaluation - The Human Connection: A Panel Discussion


Course Description

Information gained from a properly conducted Post Occupancy Evaluation can be invaluable when applied to the next project for a hospital system or the next project of an architectural firm. However, it is often not conducted because it is done about a year after the project is completed and the stakeholders have lost interest in potential findings, there is no funding for an evaluation or anyone to actually do research and write the report. Join this panel for a lively discussion moderated by experienced facilitators to explore how to introduce the intent of a POE at the start of the project and plan for it throughout the project phases.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define the Post Occupancy Evaluation process including the key steps within various stages.
  2. Identify the clinician’s role in the Post Occupancy Evaluation process.
  3. Discuss how to utilize standardized tools to evaluate new design environments that deliver patient care.
  4. Understand how to utilize a POE for a variety of healthcare settings, and
  5. Understand how to apply POE findings to future design processes.

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February 10, 2022
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