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The Public Library – Healthcare Design Opportunities


Advanced by the requirements from the Accountable Care Act (ACA), Joe Flowers reported years ago that the Triple Aim, adopted by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), seeks to delivery health care better and for less by “doing it earlier across the whole population.” As the health care system continues to be disrupted to meet the needs of vulnerable individuals who are often ignored, the public library remains an essential portal in promoting the achievement of health and health literacy for all persons through its community-based and web-based initiatives.

This webinar will overview five different healthcare design opportunities involving the public library. Every opportunity requires the transformation of stakeholders, built and virtual spaces, staff, and/or processes using evidence-based design principles and human-centered design strategies. Each opportunity also has its own challenges, all of which will be addressed by the speaker with “real world” solutions that address applicable laws, regulations and other industry requirements.

You won’t want to miss this webinar and learn more about the public library and how its stakeholders, spaces, staff and processes can be transformed to promote empowerment and independence and to honor humanity at a time when the world’s citizens are increasingly vulnerable to healthcare challenges.



Learning Objectives:


  1. Define key terms - optimal healing environment, evidence-based design, human-centered design or design thinking, health and health literacy – to confirm the outcomes of healthcare design.
  2. Examine the laws, regulations and industry standards that seek to advance the achievement of health and health literacy, particularly in the case of vulnerable populations who lack access to healthcare programs and services, to foster compliance with these requirements.
  3. Describe five healthcare design opportunities that seek to transform the public library and its stakeholders, spaces, staff and processes to provide examples for implementation.
  4. For each healthcare design opportunity, list and discuss the key challenges that require the use of evidence-based design processes, human-centered design strategies and compliance with applicable requirements to create optimal healing environments.

Presenter: Susan Ziel, BSN, MPH, JD, Consultant and Faculty, Integrity Health Strategies -and- University of Minnesota

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February 11, 2020
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