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Reaping the Returns for Investing in Sustainable Environment of Care, Design and Operations


Strategies for improved environmental sustainability in the design and operation of the built environment should intuitively make sense to all of us that work with or in healthcare systems. Sick buildings don’t contribute to well patients or staff. However, because of the perceived initial costs associated with implementing sustainability measures many healthcare environments are reticent to adopt benchmarking systems or best practices that would facilitate their integration into building design or operation. This session will review the myriad of benefits of doing so as well as reviewing case study examples of Planetree Affiliate hospitals that are successfully practicing “green health." (1 Continuing Education Unit) 


Learning objectives:

  1. Learn options for benchmarking environmentally sustainable building design and operational processes
  2. Identify opportunities for return on investment through life cycle costs analyses
  3. Understand the synergies between environmentally friendly and Patient Centered and staff supportive evidence based design.


This session is available at the Planetree 2013 Conference.


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EDAC Course ID:
October 8, 2013
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