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From Survive to Thrive: Buildings that Enrich Health and Wellness

Course Description

As healthcare design moves beyond the pandemic, a patient-centered experience has become central to the market. Manufacturers are innovating to meet enhanced standards and requirements for acoustics, as well as providing products with a better aesthetic appeal. These new products allow design professionals and architects to meet healthcare project goals with confidence, all while bolstering a healing environment for patients.


Learning objectives:

  • Describe how patient privacy and comfort are linked and how new product ranges, including door assemblies and curtains, can better enhance patient comfort.
  • Specify artwork and wall protection that both enrich the healthcare environment and add to the durability, resilience, and sustainability of the facility.
  • Select specialized door product assemblies to meet more stringent building requirements in the healthcare sector.
  • Partner with product designers and developers to secure the best product assembly and materials to meet high performance or regulatory requirements, including specifications for acoustics, radio frequency, and security.

Presenter:  Amanda Voss, MPP, Author, BNP Media

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EDAC Course ID:
November 1, 2023 to October 31, 2026
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