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Continuing Education

Maintaining Certification

Have you moved or changed employers?

You must notify EDAC at edac@healthdesign.org so that your renewal notifications are sent to your current email and mailing addresses.

After successfully passing the EDAC exam and earning your EDAC credential, you will need to complete six hours of approved continuing education units (CEUs) and pay a renewal fee every two years to maintain your EDAC status. ​

The Center is one of several organizations that offers the approved courses you’ll need to sharpen your skills and stay EDAC-certified. From infection prevention to health-promoting soundscapes and much more, the courses listed below will introduce you to a variety of evidence-based design tools, trends, and concepts to support your continuing education in this vital field.

Certified individuals can download the EDAC Renewal Checklist here.

Instructors and presenters can fill out the Program Submission form here.

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Title Publication Date
Surfaces Matter: Evidence Based Strategies for Safe & Sustainable Lifecycle Performance for Patient & Staff Use Environments June, 2019
Turning Renovation into Transformation May, 2019
Patient Experience: The "X" Factor of Design May, 2019
Automating Safety: How Design Research Can Reveal Solutions for Safe Environments April, 2019
Improving the User Experience: Moving Procedures Off-Site April, 2019
Don’t Get Bugged: Designing for Modern Infectious Diseases March, 2019
Positive Impacts of a Hospital Garden on Patients, Families and Nurses March, 2019
Research Corner: Ask the Author - The Impact of Visibility on Teamwork, Collaborative Communication, and Security in Emergency Departments: An Exploratory Study February, 2019
Healthy Community Design and Inner-City Revitalization: The Parramore Story February, 2019
Post-Acute Environments – What’s Wrong With Them? February, 2019
Research Corner: Ask the Author - Comparing the Effectiveness of Four Different Design Media in Communicating Desired Performance Outcomes With Clinical End Users December, 2018
A Culture of Health: Let’s Redefine What Health Is January, 2019
Designing a Brand Through Art and Architecture: A Tale of Two Hospitals January, 2019
Well-Connected: Optimizing the Outpatient Environment December, 2018
Behavioral Health Behind Closed Doors December, 2018
Safe Emergency Departments through Innovative Design, Technologies and Staffing Considerations December, 2018
Behavioral Health Care Integration: IP, OP, and ED December, 2018
Alleviating Stress through Ecotherapy and Biophilic Design November, 2018
Utilizing a Precision Medicine Approach to Improve Quality + Experience in the Hospital Environment October, 2018
Intermountain Healthcare: Planting the Seeds for Change Using Lean Principles October, 2018
An Unconventional Approach to Integrating Behavioral Health Treatment and Research October, 2018
Bridging the Gap: Bringing Therapeutic Design into the Home September, 2018
The Reduction of Healthcare-Associated Infections through the Built Environment: The Infection Prevention Prototype Patient Room September, 2018
Patient and Staff Safety: Where Does One Begin and the Other One End for Patient Handling? September, 2018
Medication Safety Considerations from a Systems Perspective September, 2018
Test Your Code Knowledge 2.0 September, 2018
Demystifying Patient Data: Using Medical Records in Healthcare Design Research August, 2018
Engaging Art & Photography in Environments for Aging July, 2018
Design for One is Design for All: The Past, Present and Future of Universal Design for Aging July, 2018
The Medical Behavioral Unit: Enhancing Patient Safety and Experience Through Design June, 2018
Title Format Date(s) Offered Cost
Research in Practice: Lesson 1 Article $0.00
Nurture Research: "Design for Healing" Presentation $0.00
Improving the Patient Experience to Build Customer Loyalty Seminar
Finding Your Voice: Health Care Advocacy Through Evidence-Based Design Lecture/Educational Session
Flooring + Safety Lecture/Educational Session $0.00
Furniture Design Features & Healthcare Outcomes Article $0.00
Symposium on Designing For, With and From User Experience Webinar $0.00
Nurture Research: "Experiences in Outpatient Care" Presentation $0.00
Creating Safer Spaces in Healthcare Webinar $0.00
Evidence-Based Practice: Application and Evaluation of an Evidence-Based Art Program Lecture/Educational Session
HEALTHCARE DESIGN Magazine Article $0.00
Improving the Learning Environment: Flooring Selection Lecture/Educational Session $0.00
Infection Prevention Webinar Online $129.00
The Art of Building Relationships for Successful Teams and Partnerships Seminar
Research Design Connections: Selected EDAC Articles Article $99.00
Coach, Challenge, Lead: Developing an Indispensable Management Team Seminar
HCAT: Healthcare Aptitude Test Presentation $0.00
Nurture Research: "Adult Acute Care" Presentation $0.00
Got EBD? The Art & Science of Evidence-Based Design Demystified Seminar
Improving Outdoor Access for Older Adults DVD $49.50
Why is Color so Important in Healthcare Design? An Examination of Our Decisions Lecture/Educational Session $0.00
The Correlation Between Adaptive Environments and Staff and Patient Satisfaction Lecture/Educational Session $0.00
Evidence Based Design Recommendations for Nursing Stations Lecture/Educational Session
Health Environments Research & Design (HERD) Journal Article $228.00
Access to Nature: Planning Outdoor Spaces for Aging DVD $49.50
InformeDesign Web-Based Courses Online $45.00
Copper Touch Surfaces - Antimicrobial Benefits Lecture/Educational Session $0.00
Facility Tour: Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center Tour $0.00
Changing Light = Changing Lives: Optimizing Lighting to Support Health Lecture/Educational Session $0.00
Impact of Art on Emergency Department Waiting Experience Lecture/Educational Session or Online $0.00