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Continuing Education

Maintaining Certification

Have you moved or changed employers?

You must notify EDAC at edac@healthdesign.org so that your renewal notifications are sent to your current email and mailing addresses.

After successfully passing the EDAC exam and earning your EDAC credential, you will need to complete six hours of approved continuing education units (CEUs) and pay a renewal fee every two years to maintain your EDAC status. ​

The Center is one of several organizations that offers the approved courses you’ll need to sharpen your skills and stay EDAC-certified. From infection prevention to health-promoting soundscapes and much more, the courses listed below will introduce you to a variety of evidence-based design tools, trends, and concepts to support your continuing education in this vital field.

Certified individuals can download the EDAC Renewal Checklist here.

Instructors and presenters can fill out the Program Submission form here.

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Title Publication Date
Clean Flow: Fact or Fiction – Design Implications that Affect the Bottom Line April, 2017
A Culture of Health: Let’s Redefine What Health Is January, 2019
A Culture of Inquiry Drives the 50-Year Odyssey of an Iconic Father-Daughter Team May, 2013
A Sneak Preview of the 2018 FGI Guidelines: Are you Ready for Change? June, 2017
Alleviating Stress through Ecotherapy and Biophilic Design November, 2018
An Unconventional Approach to Integrating Behavioral Health Treatment and Research October, 2018
Analysis and Simulation: Improving Team-Based Primary Care Design October, 2017
Applied Research in Focus: Insight from a Pre/Post Occupancy Evaluation September, 2015
Applying EBD Principles to Healthcare Interior Renovation Projects September, 2012
Applying Neuroscience to Healthcare Lighting Design: Opportunities and Cautions April, 2015
ART+Science January, 2018
Automating Safety: How Design Research Can Reveal Solutions for Safe Environments April, 2019
Behavioral Health Behind Closed Doors December, 2018
Behavioral Health Care Integration: IP, OP, and ED December, 2018
Beyond Aging in Place: Opportunities and Innovative Solutions through Universal Design June, 2017
Beyond the Building October, 2014
Bridging the Gap: Bringing Therapeutic Design into the Home September, 2018
Can't Build New? Increasing Value by Using Evidence-Based Design in Renovations and Existing Settings September, 2012
Color for Healthcare Spaces--Using Science and Research to Select Surfaces, Lights and Patterns July, 2014
Community Health Center Design: Perspectives, Strategies and Recommendations for Renovation and New Facility Construction April, 2013
Creating Safer Spaces in Healthcare: Impacts, performance, and outcomes of rubber flooring in healthcare and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) September, 2016
Curing the Noise Epidemic: How Loud is Your Design? May, 2014
Demystifying Patient Data: Using Medical Records in Healthcare Design Research August, 2018
Design for Critical Care September, 2012
Design for Memory Care: Removing Barriers to Achieve Person-centered Care! March, 2018
Design for One is Design for All: The Past, Present and Future of Universal Design for Aging July, 2018
Design Research and Behavioral Health Facilities September, 2014
Designing a Brand Through Art and Architecture: A Tale of Two Hospitals January, 2019
Designing a New Ambulatory Care Model: A Case Study Look at Ambulatory Design Trends Featuring UW Health – Yahara Clinic February, 2014
Designing for Adolescents in Mental Health Crisis: A Story of Research, Innovation, and Hope April, 2018
Title Format Date(s) Offered Cost
"An Hour with an ICON" Master Webinar Series Online August 29, 2012 to September 28, 2012 $75.00
"Moneyball" and the Business Case for Evidence-Based Design Webinar $139.00
"Tools You Can Use: How Can You Track Safety and Mitigate Risk Through Design" Webinar March 19, 2015 $65.00
2012 HEALTHCARE DESIGN Virtual Symposium Online December 4, 2012 to December 5, 2012 $0.00
A Culture of Inquiry Drives the 50-Year Odyssey of an Iconic Father Daughter Team Webinar May 16, 2013 $65.00
A Preview of Healthcare Design’s Cancer Center Trends Report Webinar March 21, 2013 $65.00
Access to Nature: Planning Outdoor Spaces for Aging DVD $49.50
Achieving Efficiency in Healthcare Workflow: Challenges & Opportunities Online November 20, 2014 $0.00
Acoustical Basics for Design Professionals Webinar $0.00
Advancing the Daylighting Discussion Webinar/Online Learning May 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017 $0.00
Ambulatory Clinic Layouts--Quantifying Differences Between the Best and the Worst Online June 24, 2014 $0.00
Ambulatory Surgery Center Design – Using a Human-Centered Approach to Improve Safety, Efficiency, and the Patient Experience Workshop September 12, 2019 to September 13, 2019 $300.00
An Evidence-Based Approach to Healthcare Art Webinar July 27, 2011 $0.00
Antimicrobial Copper: New Evidence and Lessons from an Early Adopter Online November 6, 2014 $0.00
Applied Research in Focus: Insight from a Pre/Post Occupancy Evaluation Webinar September 24, 2015 $65.00
Applying Artwork to Enhance Healing along the Continuum of Care: A Review of Research Lecture/Educational Program May 2, 2017
Applying Neuroscience to Healthcare Lighting Design: Opportunities and Cautions Webinar April 9, 2015 $65.00
Baby Boomers have arrived! Now how do we design for them: Demystifying Evidence-based Design Lecture/Educational Session January 15, 2014 $0.00
Battling Hospital Acquired Infections with Antimicrobial Copper Infused Hard Surfaces Online March 12, 2013 $0.00
Changes to the 2014 Guidelines Part 1 - What You Need to Know Lecture/Educational Session September 18, 2013
Changing Light = Changing Lives: Optimizing Lighting to Support Health Lecture/Educational Session $0.00
Circadian Lighting in the Built Environment Webinar/Online Learning December 1, 2017 to December 31, 2018 $0.00
Circadian Lighting in the Built Environment Webinar/Online Learning January 4, 2018 $0.00
Clinical Evidence for the Use of Copper Touch Surfaces in Healthcare Webinar September 19, 2013 $65.00
Coach, Challenge, Lead: Developing an Indispensable Management Team Seminar
Code, Cost & Comfort - Navigating New Models for Senior Living Lecture/Education Session November 9, 2017
Color for Healthcare Spaces--Using Science and Research to Select Surfaces, Lights and Patterns Webinar July 31, 2014 $65.00
Connecting Care To Design - A Day Of Dialogue Lecture/Educational Session May 2, 2012 $0.00
Copper Touch Surfaces - Antimicrobial Benefits Lecture/Educational Session $0.00
Creating a LEED Healthcare Facility from Groundbreaking to Completion Webinar September 27, 2012 $0.00