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Continuing Education

Maintaining Certification

Have you moved or changed employers?

You must notify EDAC at edac@healthdesign.org so that your renewal notifications are sent to your current email and mailing addresses.

After successfully passing the EDAC exam and earning your EDAC credential, you will need to complete six hours of approved continuing education units (CEUs) and pay a renewal fee every two years to maintain your EDAC status. ​

The Center is one of several organizations that offers the approved courses you’ll need to sharpen your skills and stay EDAC-certified. From infection prevention to health-promoting soundscapes and much more, the courses listed below will introduce you to a variety of evidence-based design tools, trends, and concepts to support your continuing education in this vital field.

Certified individuals can download the EDAC Renewal Checklist here.

Instructors and presenters can fill out the Program Submission form here.

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Title Publication Date
Innovative Hospitals Created by Architecture's Most Renowned Designers December, 2016
Storytelling in the Built Environment November, 2016
The Future is Now - Integrating Technology into the New Memory Care Design September, 2016
Evidence-based Design Tips for Art in Healthcare September, 2016
The Green Road Project: Healing Via Nature for Wounded Warriors September, 2016
Creating Safer Spaces in Healthcare: Impacts, performance, and outcomes of rubber flooring in healthcare and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) September, 2016
Undercover Masterplan: Design as a Catalyst to Unite Two Hospital Systems September, 2016
Evaluating Design Mock-Ups to Enhance Quality and Patient Care August, 2016
High-Consequence Infectious Disease: 10 Ideas to Improve Safety in Patient Care June, 2016
Nurses as Leaders in Healthcare Design March, 2016
Applied Research in Focus: Insight from a Pre/Post Occupancy Evaluation September, 2015
Environmental Standards Council Series: The Case for Access to Nature in the 2014 Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities March, 2013
Design for Critical Care September, 2012
Can't Build New? Increasing Value by Using Evidence-Based Design in Renovations and Existing Settings September, 2012
Applying EBD Principles to Healthcare Interior Renovation Projects September, 2012
Managing Hospital Construction Projects: Risks from One CEO's Experience September, 2012
The Application of Color in Healthcare Setting March, 2013
Healthcare Design In Support of the Military Health System’s Transformation to a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Model of Care June, 2015
Patient Perceptions of Hospital Cleanliness: More Than Just a “Nice to Have”. May, 2015
Applying Neuroscience to Healthcare Lighting Design: Opportunities and Cautions April, 2015
Playgrounds to Patient Rooms: Flooring and Patient Safety March, 2015
The Future of Primary Care in the First LEED Platinum Community Health Center February, 2015
Life Indoors—The Design of the Built Environment’s Impact on Health and Wellbeing February, 2015
EDAC - Beyond the evidence: The process change that will increase the likelihood of success in implementing EBD January, 2015
The Link Between Patient Satisfaction & Facility Design October, 2014
Evidence-Based Practice: Application and Evaluation of an Evidence-Based Art Program October, 2014
Healthy Soundscapes: Bridging the Gaps between Engineering, Architecture and Medicine September, 2014
Design Research and Behavioral Health Facilities September, 2014
Designing the Future of Integrated Behavioral Health August, 2014
The Wicked Problem of Waiting Rooms: It’s About People, Not Process July, 2014
Title Format Date(s) Offered Cost
Going Green vs. Going Clean: Infection Control vs. Sustainability in the Healthcare Environment Lecture/Educational Session April 22, 2016 $60.00
Designing for Translational Medicine Lecture/Educational Session May 3, 2016 $0.00
Flooring + Safety Lecture/Educational Session $0.00
Cure for the Common Code – 2014 Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities Lecture/Educational Session February 18, 2014
Changing Light = Changing Lives: Optimizing Lighting to Support Health Lecture/Educational Session $0.00
Healthcare: Time for Change Lecture/Educational Session $0.00
Evidence-Based Practice: Application and Evaluation of an Evidence-Based Art Program Lecture/Educational Session
Evidence Based Design Recommendations for Nursing Stations Lecture/Educational Session
Changes to the 2014 Guidelines Part 1 - What You Need to Know Lecture/Educational Session September 18, 2013
Designing for Wellness Lecture/Educational Session May 18, 2018 $75.00
Why is Color so Important in Healthcare Design? An Examination of Our Decisions Lecture/Educational Session $0.00
The Landscape of Accountable Care: How a Patient Focus is Changing the Industry Lecture/Educational Session October 11, 2013
The Correlation Between Adaptive Environments and Staff and Patient Satisfaction Lecture/Educational Session $0.00
Flooring + Acoustics Lecture/Educational Session August 9, 2016 $0.00
Merging the language of scientific research, design, and finance will transform the future capital investment decision-making in healthcare Lecture/Educational Session June 20, 2014
Linking the Physical Environment With Health-Related Outcomes to Improve Hospital Performance Lecture/Educational Session March 22, 2012
Copper Touch Surfaces - Antimicrobial Benefits Lecture/Educational Session $0.00
The Healing Power of Touch Lecture/Educational Session January 15, 2015 $0.00
Healthcare Flooring Exam Lecture/Educational Session $0.00
What’s Your Equation for Successful Healthcare Solutions Lecture/Educational Session $0.00
Improving the Learning Environment Lecture/Educational Session $0.00
Connecting Care To Design - A Day Of Dialogue Lecture/Educational Session May 2, 2012 $0.00
Enhancing Safety Through Design Lecture/Educational Session $0.00
Finding Your Voice: Health Care Advocacy Through Evidence-Based Design Lecture/Educational Session
Quantifying Space - Overview of UCL Depthmap Lecture/Educational Session July 24, 2012 $0.00
EDRA 2015 Fall Symposium Lecture/Educational Session October 10, 2015
Patient Centered Design Innovation Summit Lecture/Educational Session September 27, 2015 to September 29, 2015
Driving Value by Embracing Integrated Project Delivery Lecture/Educational Session April 17, 2014
Impact of Art on Emergency Department Waiting Experience Lecture/Educational Session or Online $0.00
Design vs the User - Evidence Based Design Online April 15, 2014 $35.00