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Name Organization Name City State
Kim, Wonkyung San Francisco California
Harkonen, Wesley Fong and Chan Architects San Francisco California
Harris, Bianca HGA Architects & Engineers, Inc. San Franisco California
Siu, Fiona KMD Architects San Gabriel California
Nejati, Adeleh HMC Architects San Jose California
Cheney, Michelle HGA Architects & Engineers, Inc. San Jose California
Nelson, Krista Anderson Brule Architects SAN JOSE California
Perry, Kate Anderson Brule Architects SAN JOSE California
Medved, Morana Hawley Peterson Snyder Architects San Jose California
Daniels, Patrick Cbre Healthcare Santa Clara California
Reilley, Natalie One Workplace Santa Clara California
Cheuk, Ivy One Workplace Santa Clara California
Musselman, Donna Retired Santa Cruz California
Brokaw, Connie Sutter Health/PAMF Santa Cruz California
Dix Lyons, Susan Verday Health Santa Rosa California
Keller Frye, Amy AB Design Research Sausalito California
Black, Steve University Health Network SCARBOROUGH Ontario
Pratt, James Gawron Turgeon Architects Scarborough Maine
Medcalf, John Corgan Scottsdale Arizona
Shakman, Karen Iconic Architecture and Design Scottsdale Arizona
Mehan, Cassandra ARCHSOL Scottsdale Arizona
West, Audrey The West Studio Seattle Washington
Anderson, Dale Salus Architecture Inc. Seattle Washington
Black, Tim Jackson | Main Architecture Seattle Washington
Fussman, Laura OpenSquare Seattle Washington
Lin, Jill HDR, Inc. Seattle Washington
Burpee, Heather University of Washington Seattle Washington
Wituchowski, Witold Perkins+Will Seattle Washington
Paul, Tony Salus Architecture Inc. Seattle Washington
Roehl, Annette InSytu Seattle Washington
Dushkes, Laura NBBJ Seattle Washington
Chin, Sishe Seattle Washington
Phillips, Emmy Perkins+Will Seattle Washington
Faust, Grant Collins Woerman Architects Seattle Washington
Radecki, Jessica NBBJ Seattle Washington
Werge, Christian TBD seattle Washington
Epler Hout, Lori B+H Architects Seattle Washington
Felker, Tammy NBBJ Seattle Washington
Song, Sunghyun Samsung C&T Seoul Seoul Teugbyeolsi
Nacht, Eileen Perspectus Architecture Shaker Heights Ohio
Crocker, Sophie Robarts Spaces Shanghai Shanghai
Dai, Juren Perkins+Will Shanghai Shanghai
Wallbillick, Emily Pulse Design Group Shawnee Mission Kansas
Sherman, Basil Pulse Design Group Shawnee Mission Kansas
Imig, Jill HGA Architects & Engineers, Inc. Sheboygan Falls Wisconsin
Barr, Cindy Capital Link Shepherdstown West Virginia
Koone, Adrian Noyes Art Designs Sheridan Colorado
DiTaranto, Susan Sicklerville New Jersey
Guzman, Christine U.S. Department Of Veterans Affairs Sidney Maine
Hoch, Nicole Childrens Health System Silver Spring Maryland