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Displaying 1601 - 1650 of 1753
Name Organization Name City State
Bagworth, Steve Agnew Peckham Toronto Ontario
O'donnell, Claire Parkin Architects Limited Toronto Ontario
Harvey, Martha West Park Healthcare Centre Toronto Ontario
Bierly, Suzan Toronto Ontario
Mcdonald, Deborah Agnew Peckham Toronto Ontario
Bailey-Mason, Gwyneth Agnew Peckham Toronto Ontario
Snell, Robin Parkin Architects Limited Toronto Ontario
Newcombe, Judy Newcombe Design Associates Toronto Ontario
Gross, Wesley B+H Architects Toronto Ontario
Brun, Lucy Agnew Peckham Toronto Ontario
O'neill, Mary Hilditch Architect Toronto Ontario
Clifford, Kerry HDR, Inc. Toronto Ontario
Culver, Kerri-Ann Infrastructure Ontario Toronto Ontario
Spear, Patrick Toronto Ontario
Cawley, Pat Agnew Peckham Toronto Ontario
Wilson Orr, Lynne Parkin Architects Limited Toronto Ontario
Tobin, Lisa Toronto Ontario
Farbahi, Arash NORR ARCHITECTS and Engineers Toronto Ontario
Harvey, Cliff Niagara Health System Toronto Ontario
Romard, Danette Colliers Project Leaders Toronto Ontario
Forti, Theresa B+H Architects Toronto Ontario
Robinson, Scott architects Tillmann Ruth Mocellin Toronto Ontario
Morettin, Diego Stantec Toronto Ontario
Fox, David WBCM, LLC Towson Maryland
Lumadue, Laura Hord Coplan Macht Towson Maryland
Kendra, Jane Munson Medical Center Traverse City Michigan
Magnatta, Lauren WorkSquared Traverse City Michigan
Lammers, Diane Integrated Design Solutions Troy Michigan
Bohn, Jennifer SSOE Group Troy Michigan
Hoerrmann, Francine Northwestern Memorial Hospital Tryon North Carolina
Maish, Elizabeth The Joint Commission Tucson Arizona
Bresler, Tatyana Eglin+Bresler Architects Tucson Arizona
Urban, Andrew HDR, Inc. Tucson Arizona
Qafisheh, Sara HDR, Inc. Tucson Arizona
Gollotte, Clark GH2 Architects Tulsa Oklahoma
Lies, Melissa Phillips Architecture, PA TULSA Oklahoma
Gucwa, Keith CareATC Tulsa Oklahoma
Caymaz, Nazli General Electric, Healthcare Turkey Istanbul
McMurray, Kimberly Behavioral Health Facility Consulting Tuscaloosa Alabama
Martin, Ryan Taylor Design Tustin California
Gosavi, Madhura HDR, Inc. Union City California
Kwan, Wilma Tin-Wai Delcan, A Parsons Company Unionville Ontario
Hartsfield, Vicki Innovative Environments Universal City Texas
Momen Heravi, Ali University Of Illinois Urbana Illinois
Ramadhani, Widya Universitas Indonesia, Hospital and Healthcare Design and Engineering Research Cluster Urbana Illinois
Miano, Mark Brereton Architects Vallejo California
Duncan, Don Shive-Hattery Valparaiso Indiana
Krahn, Morgan ZGF Architects LLP Vancouver Ontario
Meissner, Kirsten Fraser Health Authority Vancouver British Columbia
Desmond, Jessica Farmboy Fine Arts Inc. VANCOUVER British Columbia