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Displaying 1701 - 1750 of 1893
Name Organization Name City State
Carthey, Jane Centre for Health Assets Australasia Sydney New South Wales
Hanson, Steven QPK Design LLP Syracuse New York
Witschi, Eric C&S Companies Syracuse New York
Dwyer, Kim Dwyer Architectural Syracuse New York
Bigoney, Jackie Tallahassee Florida
Huber, Amy Florida State University Tallahassee
Schnitzlein, Paul Harvard Jolly Architecture Tampa Florida
Apple, Mike HDR, Inc. Tampa Florida
Berry, Robert Gresham Smith Tampa Florida
Bacariza, Jon Paul Tampa Florida
Daniels, Suchi University of South Florida Tampa Florida
Rice, Tamara Gresham Smith Tampa Florida
Buehning, Alex The Beck Group Tampa Florida
Hart, Michael Harvard Jolly Architecture tampa Florida
Swaans, Frank Health Design Concepts Tampa Florida
Amadeo, Antonio LDC International, Inc. Tampa Florida
Magner, David Gresham Smith Tampa Florida
Wong, Ramon Gresham Smith tampa Florida
Tsikopoulos, Zaharenia ASU Tempe
Dennis, Mary Graceful Lifestyles Designs,INC The Villages Florida
Parker, Derek PCI Tiburon California
Mcalear, Debra Philips Healthcare Titusville Florida
Rolfe, Doug Plenary Group Toronto Ontario
Mcdonald, Deborah Agnew Peckham Toronto Ontario
Spear, Patrick Toronto Ontario
Cawley, Pat Agnew Peckham Toronto Ontario
Romard, Danette Colliers Project Leaders Toronto Ontario
Robinson, Scott architects Tillmann Ruth Mocellin Toronto Ontario
Tobin, Lisa Toronto Ontario
Pronovost, Antoine St. Michael's Hospital Toronto Ontario
Morettin, Diego Stantec Toronto Ontario
Gross, Wesley B+H Architects Toronto Ontario
Hann, Laura Parkin Architects Limited Toronto Ontario
Harvey, Martha West Park Healthcare Centre Toronto Ontario
Chen, Edwina HDR, Inc. Toronto Ontario
Clark, Laurena Stantec Toronto Ontario
Henderson, Kelly St. Michael's Hospital Toronto Ontario
Patel, Rachael HDR, Inc. Toronto Ontario
Bagworth, Steve Agnew Peckham Toronto Ontario
Bierly, Suzan Toronto Ontario
Abistado, Dianne Scarboroguh and Rouge Hospital Toronto Ontario
Wilson Orr, Lynne Parkin Architects Limited Toronto Ontario
Steward, Angela Stantec TORONTO Ontario
Newcombe, Judy Newcombe Design Associates Toronto Ontario
Huynh, Jennifer CannonDesign Toronto Ontario
Brun, Lucy Agnew Peckham Toronto Ontario
Angel, Norma Stantec Toronto Ontario
Harvey, Cliff Niagara Health System Toronto Ontario
O'donnell, Claire Parkin Architects Limited Toronto Ontario
Bailey-Mason, Gwyneth Agnew Peckham Toronto Ontario