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Displaying 1551 - 1600 of 1753
Name Organization Name City State
Mccoy, Adam Kahler Slater Architects, Inc. Madison Wisconsin
Saunders, Scott Stratton Brook Associates Madison Wisconsin
Poellmann, Jeff ERDMAN MADISON Wisconsin
Eschner, Jennifer Kahler Slater Architects, Inc. Madison Wisconsin
Komplin, Margo ERDMAN Mc Farland Wisconsin
Mcguire, Jerry UW Health Stoughton Wisconsin
Turner, Ann VW International, Inc. Madison Wisconsin
Anderson, Edward EUA Middleton Wisconsin
Gill, Erica UW Health Madison Wisconsin
Schnuck, Katherine Kahler Slater Architects, Inc. Milwaukee Wisconsin
Chadha, Tanya HGA Architects & Engineers, Inc. Milwaukee Wisconsin
Pliskie, Jennifer Sauk Prairie Healthcare Prairie du Sac Wisconsin
Abushousheh, Addie West Bend Wisconsin
Hauschel, Mark Direct Supply Aptura Grafton Wisconsin
Perry, Sommer Stoughton Wisconsin
Day, Andrea Kahler Slater Architects, Inc. Madison, WI Wisconsin
Elison, Jennifer Direct Supply Aptura Milwaukee Wisconsin
Ruder, Sheila Washington District of Columbia
Loehr, Carissa Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP Washington District of Columbia
Josserand, Aurelie SmithGroup Washington District of Columbia
Zheng, Tan Gresham Smith Wahshington District of Columbia
Abernethy, Scott ZGF Architects LLP WASHINGTON District of Columbia
Alvarez, Cydnee Carolina An OFS Brands Co. Washington District of Columbia
D'entremont, Patrice Patrice d'Entremont Washington District of Columbia
Rosenwald, Hillary Page Southerland Page WASHINGTON District of Columbia
Soja, Rebecca HKS, Inc. Washington District of Columbia
Kubasti, Barbara ZGF Architects LLP Washington District of Columbia
Sachs, Naomi Cornell University, Department of Design and Environmental Analysis Washington District of Columbia
Schmidt, Ashley HKS, Inc. Washington District of Columbia
Haines, Casey US Army Health Facility Planning Agency Washington District of Columbia
Franklin, Ella National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare Washington District of Columbia
Seligman, Amanda ZGF Architects LLP Wahsington District of Columbia
Logatto, Amanda Perkins+Will Washington District of Columbia
Herber, Kaitlin Perkins Eastman Washington District of Columbia
Renner, Kate HKS, Inc. Washington District of Columbia
Hoffschneider, Jonathan Array Architects Washington District of Columbia
Ko, Young CH2M APO Armed Forces Pacific
Bubric, Kathy Alberta Health Services Calgary Alberta
Young, Susan Alberta Infrastructure Calgary Alberta
Knudtson, Bev Alberta Health Services Calgary Alberta
Jeffers, Christine DIALOG Calgary Alberta
Thompson-Smith, Evelyn Alberta Health Services Red Deer Alberta
Kondo, Jane Altus Planning Inc Calgary Alberta
Mckay, Madyson Equal By Design Calgary Alberta
Zheng, Na Stantec Calgary Alberta
Saly, Justin Stantec Calgary Alberta
Desmond, Jessica Farmboy Fine Arts Inc. VANCOUVER British Columbia
Meissner, Kirsten Fraser Health Authority Vancouver British Columbia
Barriscale, Brigid Perkins+Will Vancouver British Columbia
Horvath, Judith Kasian Architecture, Interior Design & Planning Ltd British Columbia