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Displaying 1651 - 1700 of 1772
Name Organization Name City State
Khajeh, Safoura Parkin Architects Limited Richmond Hill Ontario
O'donnell, Claire Parkin Architects Limited Toronto Ontario
Chen, Edwina HDR, Inc. Toronto Ontario
Harvey, Martha West Park Healthcare Centre Toronto Ontario
Chapman, James HDR, Inc. Ottawa Ontario
Snell, Robin Parkin Architects Limited Toronto Ontario
Dielschneider, Juanita Brandt Developments Ltd Ottawa Ontario
Dean, Thomas Black Sheep Design Meaford Ontario
Hay, Catherine R. Hay Design Inc Ottawa Ontario
Fung, Carson Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General 02/01/2021 Ontario
Clifford, Kerry HDR, Inc. Toronto Ontario
Bailey-Mason, Gwyneth Agnew Peckham Toronto Ontario
O'neill, Mary Hilditch Architect Toronto Ontario
Brun, Lucy Agnew Peckham Toronto Ontario
Huynh, Jennifer CannonDesign Toronto Ontario
Buchsbaum, Andrea Arbaum Architects Inc. Ottawa Ontario
Culver, Kerri-Ann Infrastructure Ontario Toronto Ontario
Hann, Laura Parkin Architects Limited Toronto Ontario
Clark, Laurena Stantec Toronto Ontario
Pitman, Mark Ontario
Bariciak, Andrea Self Employed Ottawa Ontario
Tobin, Lisa Toronto Ontario
Ionescu, Petre Cornel CannonDesign Mississauga Ontario
Krahn, Morgan ZGF Architects LLP Vancouver Ontario
Spear, Patrick Toronto Ontario
Bagworth, Steve Agnew Peckham Toronto Ontario
Rolfe, Doug Plenary Group Toronto Ontario
Romard, Danette Colliers Project Leaders Miss Ontario
Breault, Jennifer SSOE Windsor Ontario
Lin, John Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Services Whitby Ontario
Kwan, Wilma Tin-Wai Delcan, A Parsons Company Unionville Ontario
Gross, Wesley B+H Architects Toronto Ontario
Wilson Orr, Lynne Parkin Architects Limited Toronto Ontario
Bierly, Suzan Toronto Ontario
Mosher, Jeff HDR, Inc. Ottawa Ontario
Locker, Katherine RCC Academy of Design Barrie Ontario
Patel, Rachael HDR, Inc. Toronto Ontario
Newcombe, Judy Newcombe Design Associates Toronto Ontario
Gamboa, Jeanette Architects + Research + Knowledge Inc. Haliburton Ontario
Angel, Norma Stantec Toronto Ontario
Ryan, Michael HDR, Inc. Kingston Ontario
Caines, Kate HOK, Inc. Aurora Ontario
Nabulsi, Linda Allsteel Mississauga Ontario
Morettin, Diego Stantec Toronto Ontario
Abistado, Dianne Scarboroguh and Rouge Hospital Toronto Ontario
Cawley, Pat Agnew Peckham Toronto Ontario
Farbahi, Arash NORR ARCHITECTS and Engineers Toronto Ontario
Mcdonald, Deborah Agnew Peckham Toronto Ontario
Hoo, Phoebe Toronto Ontario
Harvey, Cliff Niagara Health System Niagara Falls Ontario