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Name Organization Name City State
Griffel, Kathy Mannington Commercial Ponte Vedra Beacg Florida
Garcia, Dayemi Baker Barrios Architects Orlando Florida
Wagenfeld, Amy West Palm Beach Florida
Berry, Robert Gresham Smith Apollo Beach Florida
Mcalear, Debra Philips Healthcare Titusville Florida
Filippone, Jennifer DAC Art Consulting Orlando Florida
Story, Suzanne Stance Healthcare St Augustine Florida
Damaso, Eugene RLF Architects ORLANDO Florida
Lentz, Bet Haskell Saint Augustine Florida
Ordieres, Javier Mount Sinai Hospital Miami Florida
Wessels, Jude Gresham Smith Odessa Florida
Lederer, Christy Studio+ Orlando Florida
Sheppard, Melissa RLF Architects ORLANDO Florida
Amadeo, Antonio LDC International, Inc. Tampa Florida
Berley, Melissa Scott + Cormia Longwood Florida
Carmel-Gilfilen, Candy University of Florida Gainesville Florida
Monzillo, Bruna Albert Kahn Family of Companies Miami Beach Florida
Sashi, Tippu C.C. Hodgson Architectural Group Fort Lauderdale Florida
Wong, Ramon Gresham Smith tampa Florida
Platt, Lisa Gainesville Florida
Lee, Yong Sug Perkins and Will Coral Gables Florida
Collins, Seka Flagler Hospital St. Augustine Florida
Thielen, Laura HKS, Inc. ORLANDO Florida
Hirigoyen, Stephanie Baptist Health South Florida Miami Florida
Hart, Michael Harvard Jolly Architecture tampa Florida
Prestigiacomo, Alan Caldwell Associates Architects Ft. Myers Florida
Blake, Carolyn Gresham Smith Jacksonville Florida
Daniels, Suchi University of South Florida Tampa Florida
Grab, Katie Kaleidoscope Midway Florida
Shellenbarger, Jess Caldwell Associates Architects PENSACOLA Florida
Wilson, Christina Gresham Smith Florida
Troffer, Sandra Studio+ FORT MYERS Florida
Carr, Anne Orlando Florida
Apple, Mike HDR, Inc. Tampa Florida
Belanger, Yi NELSON Worldwide Holdings CORAL GABLES Florida
Stevens, Laura Perkins and Will Miami Florida
Ho, Carmen Studio+ Fort Myers Florida
Langston, Steven RLF Architects ORLANDO Florida
Caldwell, Harry Caldwell Associates Architects Pensacola Florida
O'Brien, Christopher Baker Barrios Architects Orlando Florida
Buehning, Alex The Beck Group Tampa Florida
Coats, Christin Gresham Smith Fleming Island Florida
Heekin, Kristina Gresham Smith Gainesville Florida
Arcy, Jaclyn Studio+ FORT MYERS Florida
Mirabelli, Nicole Bacon Group Inc. Architects Clearwater Florida
Harvey, Amy Pyramid Studios Tallahassee Florida
Kotval, Usha RLF Architects Orlando Florida
BEVACQUA, TERESA Cornell University Spring Hill Florida
Brito, Arthur Coral Gables Florida
Ganesh, Miriam RLF Architects Winter Park Florida