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Name Organization Name City State
McCanne, Leslie CannonDesign
Zajaczkowska-Smuts, Anja SmithGroupJJR
Verner, Steve Gresham, Smith and Partners Tennessee
Rodgers, Rachel Inventure Design
Brown, Leah Array Architects
Moga, David Mohagen Hansen Architectural Group
Steed, Alise Erdman
Ratner, Jennifer University Of Iowa Hospitals And Clinics Iowa
Sarbaugh, Shirley ADG Architects Illinois
Schnuck, Katherine Kahler Slater Architects, Inc. Wisconsin
Stache, Michael Hill-Rom
Robinett, Morgan University of Kansas, Institute for Health & Wellness Design
Lehman, Jeffrey Spacewerks
Smith, Ryan NBBJ
O'Brien, Christopher Baker Barrios Architects
Whiteley, Brent Parkin Architects Limited
Steeber Dellenbach, Jessica Kahler Slater Architects, Inc. Wisconsin
Rodgers, Rachel Inventure Design Texas
Morris, Jeffery Gresham, Smith and Partners Tennessee
Way, Rob
Wilson, Chris Ontario
Weilmuenster, Abby Earl Swensson Associates, Inc. Tennessee
Waters, Phillip E4H Environments for Health Architecture
Mitchell, Jennifer Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects
Tidwell, Bridget Earl Swensson Associates, Inc.
Mendez, Shiva HOK, Inc.
Steed, William Kahler Slater Architects, Inc. Wisconsin
Griffel, Kathleen Armstrong Flooring Florida
Wilson, Christina Gresham, Smith and Partners Florida
Sheffield, Kathy FDI Planning Consultants Inc.
Summerford, Ali Bates Architects Missouri
Horvath, Judith Kasian Architecture, Interior Design & Planning Ltd British Columbia
Steiner, Michael Corgan Associates Texas
Vuocolo, Jessica HDR, Inc.
Wigle, Jane Stantec Ontario
Woiccak, Mary Beth Skyline Art Services
Fryar, Jerrold Leo A Daly Texas
Zheng, Tan Gresham, Smith and Partners
Thieme, Ross Erdman Wisconsin
Wessels, Jude Wisconsin
Roles, Norma
Weishaar, Paige HKS, Inc.
Rich, Renae HDR, Inc.
Poellmann, Jeff Erdman
Slifka, Steve Steelcase Health New Jersey
Sassano, Cory Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Lawless, Richard Ballinger
Song, Sunghyun Page Southerland Page Texas
Gordon, Christine
Shoemaker, Amy Spellman Brady & Company