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Name Organization Name City Statesort descending
Jang, Yoon Joung Kahler Slater Architects, Inc. Singapore
Robinson, Diana
Miovski, Natalie
Viquez, Melanie Melanie Viquez
Wilhite, Susan Self Employed Pacifica
Chamaria, Megha Shimizu Corporation Singapore
Kerkorian, Lisa Herman Miller Healthcare
Gordon, Christine
Urdaneta, Maria Herman Miller Healthcare
Lopez, Marc Oculus Inc.
Wissmueller, Brad Erdman
Steed, Alise Erdman
Zajaczkowska-Smuts, Anja SmithGroupJJR
Rodgers, Rachel Inventure Design
Pronovost, Antoine
Jha, Dyutima Kahler Slater Architects, Inc. Singapore
Rocker, Russell Sacramento
Robinett, Morgan University of Kansas, Institute for Health & Wellness Design
Miglani, Tania CPG Consultants Pte Ltd Singapore
O'Brien, Christopher Baker Barrios Architects
Weishaar, Paige HKS, Inc.
Sassano, Cory Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Bush-Moline, Brenda Stantec Highland Park
Skelton, Jane Gresham, Smith and Partners Nashville
Tung, Liz Spellman Brady & Company Chesterfield
Zheng, Tan Gresham, Smith and Partners
Roberts, Clinton Steelcase Health
Waters, Phillip E4H Architecture
Roles, Norma Lionakis
Young, Cameron Steelcase Health Grand Rapids
Romeo, Cara Naperville
Kipp, Corrine HKS, Inc.
Robinson, Vanessa Mahlum Architects portland
Way, Rob
Whiteley, Brent Parkin Architects Limited
Rodgers, Rachel Inventure Design Katy
Roadfuss, Tamara Chesapeake
Saulsbery, Patricia VW International, Inc. Alexandria
Ramadhani, Widya Universitas Indonesia, Hospital and Healthcare Design and Engineering Research Cluster Jakarta
Youell, Jamie The Center for Health Design
Vuocolo, Jessica HDR, Inc.
Tidwell, Bridget Earl Swensson Associates, Inc.
Schultz, Jim Edgerton Hospital Capital Foundation
Woiccak, Mary Beth Skyline Art Services
Wells, Gene Kahler Slater Architects, Inc. Milwaukee
McCanne, Leslie CannonDesign
Rich, Renae HDR, Inc.
Moga, David Mohagen Hansen Architectural Group
Wee, Tania DP architects pte ltd SINGAPORE
Poellmann, Jeff Erdman