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Name Organization Name City State
Copeland, Alexa E4H Environments for Health Architecture
Supino, Alexandria Charlotte
Wu, Natalie
Henrich, Eva Heinle, Wischer & Partner
Sutton, Jennifer D. Wilmot Sanz
Harper, Kathy
Wallace, Wendy
Pires, Fernanda
Masters, Laura Steelcase Health
Hauge, Kiya The Beck Group
Roberts, Mary Shaw Contract
McCanne, Leslie CannonDesign Los Angeles
Lee, Subin EwingCole New York
Lu, Xuan EL Design Studios
Sinclair, Graham The Beck Group
Lapidus, Kathleen Steelcase Health
Miglani, Tania CPG Consultants Pte Ltd Singapore
Smith, Stewart A2H
Elijah-Barnwell, Sheila
English, Richard
Tahir, Siti Noorazlina RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Ptd) Ltd. SINGAPORE
Williams, Amber KDF Architecture Yakima
Wray Kuhn, Allyson Hutton Wichita
Lee, Janet HOK, Inc. New York
Beaulieu, Nathalie Mackenzie Health
Mladucky, James
Hutchins, Ana
Owens, Natalie
Motz, Jessica Populous
You, Erin Yanqing
Wee, Tania DP architects pte ltd Singapore
Vander Putten, Katie
Kim, Min-Kyoung University Of Florida GwangJu
Lemons, Christiana Orcutt | Winslow
Holloway, William ESa
Singh, Sumandeep B+H Architects Singapore
Cannady, Molly HKS
Skelton, Jane Gresham Smith Nashville
Turner, Ann MiTTR Facility Solutions, LLC
Morin, Marie-Pier Topo Planification
Rusche, Sarah Perkins&Will
Tidwell, Karen ESa
Kalantari, Saleh Texas A&M University, Department of Architecture
Metzger, Joshua Gensler
Christiansen, Kelly Kahler Slater Architects, Inc.
Haines, Lorraine
Kaup, Migette The Center for Health Design Manhattan
Harper, Kathy Harper Consulting
Pricer, Philip ERDMAN
Lee, Jisoo EwingCole