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Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC)

Exam Overview

The EDAC exam is a two-hour, 110-question multiple-choice exam. The exam’s five sections will test you on evidence-based design in healthcare, the research process, the pre-design process, construction, and occupancy. The exam tests your ability to practice the EBD process—not the evidence itself.



Is EDAC for you?

Certification Benefits
  • Distinguish yourself for your knowledge and practice of EBD in healthcare with the EDAC appellation

  • Get listed in a public and searchable directory of EDAC-certified individuals

  • Receive information and tools to assist in your business development activities and get the full business value of your EDAC achievement

  • Hear about professional learning and development opportunities in EBD for healthcare

  • Access discussions among peers in our private Linkedin EDAC Group

Architects & Designers​ ​
You have a method for developing design solutions that are rooted in research to help achieve a client’s goals.

Hospital Executives
You champion innovations that are good for the triple bottom line.

Healthcare Providers
You support new ideas in healthcare design that align with organizational goals and are likely to achieve the desired results.
You are on top of the most significant, emerging discipline within the healthcare design profession and can help carry the teachings forward.
Engineering & Construction Professionals
You understand the importance of research-based design decisions and can maintain the integrity of these decisions during the engineering and construction processes.
Product Manufacturers
You use research to inform the product development process and support improved outcomes in healthcare setting.


Study Resources


EDAC Study Guides 1-3

Each are available for purchase individually or as a set. Buy the entire series and receive $25.00 off.

EDAC Study Guide 1, 3rd edition
An introduction to evidence-based design in healthcare, this guide delves into the history and evolution of EBD through its present definition and defines the key steps of the EBD process.

EDAC Study Guide 2, 3rd edition
Building the Evidence Base: Understanding Research in Healthcare Design, this guide provides an in-depth look at the research process as it applies to healthcare design, as well as methodologies for doing that research. 

EDAC Study Guide 3, 3rd edition
Integrating Evidence-Based Design: Practicing the Healthcare Design Process - this guide walks you through the key steps to the design process in detail from pre-design through to design, construction, and occupancy


Maintaining Certification

The requirements to maintain your EDAC certification involve six hours of approved continuing education units (CEUs) in evidence-based design every two years. We make it easy for you by offering an extensive list of approved continuing education courses available in person and online to develop your EDAC knowledge base. 

Upcoming CEUs
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