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Critical Issues in Healthcare Environments

CHD Produced|Full Article Available
Key Concepts/Context
The catalyst for this study was the need to establish research agenda for healthcare environments. A critical step prior to selecting the important research questions, is establishing criteria and methods for the selection process. However, the choice of topics to be researched and the selection of interventions to be tested in healthcare environments are often determined by investigators and sponsors in a pre-scientific way. This study focused on critical problem areas and unresolved issues as the universe of topics from which viable, important research questions can be generated. 

By Uriel Cohen, D.Arch, and David Allison, AIAPublished by The Center for Health Design, 2009 and sponsored by Bayer Material Science, Herman Miller, and Frank Zilm Inc.
Design Category
Acoustic Environment|Lighting (artificial and natural)|Room configuration and layout|Unit configuration and layout|Ventilation and air-conditioning system
Ambulatory care facilities|Hospitals|Residential healthcare facilities
Outcome Category
Environmental impact|Error related outcomes|Fall related outcomes|HAI related outcomes|Organizational outcomes|Patient health outcomes|Patient satisfaction and comfort
Environmental Condition Category
Distraction/interruption|Environmental hygiene|Lighting|Physical proximity/density|Sound
Research Category
Environments|Methodology|Patients|Quality of Care
Primary Author
Cohen, Uriel