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Role of the Physical and Social Environment in Promoting Health, Safety, and Effectiveness in the Healthcare Workplace

Originally Published:
CHD Produced|Full Article Available
Key Concepts/Context
To examine how the physical environment, along with other factors such as culture and social support, impact (a) the health and safety of the care team, (b) effectiveness of the healthcare team in providing care and preventing medical errors, and (c) patient and practitioner satisfaction with the experience of giving and receiving care. Methods: Literature review of peer-reviewed journal articles and research reports published in medicine, nursing, psychology, ergonomics, and architecture periodicals and books. Different combinations of keywords were used to search for articles including workforce, nurses, healthcare team, work environments, ergonomics, staff health, staff safety, medical errors, transfers, and communication. 

By Anjali Joseph, Ph.D.Published by The Center for Health Design, 2006
Design Category
Acoustic Environment|Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E)|Room configuration and layout|Unit configuration and layout
Outcome Category
Error related outcomes|HAI related outcomes|Organizational outcomes|Patient health outcomes|Patient satisfaction and comfort|Staff health outcomes|Staff productivity / efficiency|Staff satisfaction
Environmental Condition Category
Environmental hygiene|Patient Satisfaction and Comfort|Physical proximity/density|Sound
Research Category
Patients|Quality of Care|Staff|Worker Safety
Primary Author
Joseph, A.