100% Authentic, Guaranteed


Trust is important to us and is a foundation in which our business is built on. It is in our integrity to keep it that way, and to do so we ensure that all sneakers and apparel that's in-store and online are 100% authentic. This is done through expertise, and multiple checks on the product, when it comes in and goes out. We are industry veterans who know the products inside and out.


We carefully inspect every shoe, to validate its authenticity, and to check for conditional/manufacturing issues to ensure all of our items are pristine. All products are checked multiple times against a cache of product images, live product, and information to ensure validity of all products coming in. Items are hand checked a second time on the way out.


Healthdesign Shops will review any claims about authenticity, so feel free to reach out. Customer service, a rich consumer experience, is our top priority, so that you can feel secure when shopping with us. If you would like more photos or verification of any item being sold, please reach out to us on our contact page.