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Boston Architectural College: Sustainable Design of Healthcare Facilities

Greening healthcare projects should be a no brainer -- what building type has occupants more deserving of a healthy space? Unfortunately, When people think of healthy spaces, hospitals are often among the last to come to mind. The intense resource requirements, code constraints, and programmatic requirements and institutional culture can make green building a more significant challenge than with other typologies.


This course explores theories and practices of sustainable healthcare design, what it means to create a healthy and healing environment, and how to balance the complex demands of hospitals with those of environmental issues. Topics will include energy and water use intensity, toxicities in building materials, daylighting and opportunities for connections to nature, greening a healthcare campus, use of rating systems, and more.


About 40% of the class directly addresses evidence based design topics; the remainder addresses topics specific to sustainability that don't overlap with evidence-based design.


Instructor: Mara Baum, HOK. Course offered online through Boston Architectural College.There are no specific times, at which you will be required to be online. Weekly attendance is required for online courses. You should plan to access your email and the course website several times every week for updated course material and to participate in the online discussions. Cost listed below is for full Boston Architectural College Certificate program. 


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Credits: 6

August 29, 2011 - October 22, 2011
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