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New Directions: 2014 Guidelines for Residential Care Facilities!

For the 2014 cycle of the Facility Guidelines Institute's health care design guidelines, a brand new volume is being developed for residential and senior living facilities; entitled the Guidelines for Residential Care Facilities: Design & Construction of Health, Care, and Support Facilities.  This guideline includes nursing homes, hospice, assisted living, independent living, adult day care, and wellness/diagnostic facilities.  The vetted approach to the guidelines is to provide design information, as well as parameters for Authorities Having Jurisdiction to evaluate and incorporate culture change and resident-centered approaches to the residential-based care.  The guideline covers different typologies for the different care types and models.  For example, nursing home guidelines include not only institutional settings for renovations, but also include information on design of households, small houses, and neighborhoods.   There is also information provided on “common elements” that are typical in most residential settings.  These include an overlay for addressing dementia care and mental health; as well as details that are appropriate for residential settings.  Overall, this effort has been supported by over 30+ volunteers, the Facility Guidelines Institute, the Rothschild Foundation, and The Center for Health Design.  Join us to learn about the future of residential care guidelines!