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FleXX: A Study on Flexibility During the COVID-19 Pandemic

“Flexibility” is a buzz word today, especially as systems are working to rapidly respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Pandemics can have an incredible spread rate, requiring us to increase our surge response in operations and buildings. This unique need for flexibility is distinct from day to day operations, or even a natural disaster, addressing issues such as flow and rapid surge capacity growth. Diverse stakeholders seeking flexibility, in traditional healthcare facilities and alternative care facilities, are asking: How can I quickly, and effectively adapt my space to respond? How do I address flexibility in my facility for both design and operations? How are facilities successfully implementing flexibility? How do I plan for a post-surge environment?
This webinar will delve into the results of a research study exploring the meaningful use of flexibility across multiple layers for facilities including site, structure, skin, services, space plan, and social areas, and how these findings specifically apply, or differ, during a pandemic. Presenters will share a framework to design for flexibility, examples of how flexibility is being deployed currently, and a deeper look at a health system’s rapid response and long-term planning.