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New Information about Specifying and Cleaning Durable Coated Fabrics for Healthcare

This webinar explores the challenges of durable coated fabrics in today’s acute healthcare settings. A current nationwide poll of credentialed healthcare interior designers has confirmed widespread failure of durable coated fabric upholsteries, a costly overlook of product warranties, and negative effect of these failures on our HCAHPS scores. There is a further negative effect on the business case when we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars reupholstering existing furniture, diverting money that cannot then be spent on new equipment, hiring quality staff, or funding research into diagnostic and treatment breakthroughs.
Join this panel of healthcare industry experts who will share new information about material selection from ongoing durability tests of heavy-duty commercial healthcare-rated fabrics in both laboratory and real-world environments. Learn about innovative new cleaning and disinfecting protocols to achieve cleaner healthcare environments. This panel is committed to working together to address this mutual challenge, recognizing the ability of a multidisciplinary team of industry partners with shared purpose to creatively solve these problems. They’ll share their findings with the larger healthcare community and provide a furniture specification guide and a process for sharing field reports on the state of durable coated fabrics in healthcare.