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Research Matters: 10 Picks to Kick Off 2022

There are literally millions of peer reviewed articles published each year! How can busy healthcare professionals keep up? We have to read those papers, apply the information to the design decisions making process, and wait to see if it actually works in the real world. Without a guide, really interesting new research insight slips through the cracks each year.

But research papers don’t move evidence-based design forward: People do. This rapid-fire webinar format walks you through ten studies selected by the research team at The Center for Health Design. Using their own visual abstracts, Addie, Ellen, and Melissa will present 5-minute takes on 10 papers and why they matter. The take-aways provide a fun and insightful perspective from the newest body of knowledge for the health design community. This webinar will help researchers and practitioners in health design walk away with a better understanding of these hand-picked studies from 2021, synthesized visually in under one hour.