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The Evolution of Design Standards

Design standards or design guidelines – what’s the difference? The development and use of design standards has evolved over time. Originally, these standards were used as a starting point and basis for the design of health care facilities. Today they have become increasingly more important and are used to improve project delivery, reduce maintenance and life cycle costs, and support care delivery. They are created in health systems of all types and sizes and are used for the design of different types of spaces, furnishings and equipment, the building envelope, and to support different operational models. But do these standards inhibit innovation and how do health systems when to refresh their standards and when to create new ones?

This Voices of the Industry webinar offers a unique opportunity to hear from industry thought leaders who will explain the current state of affairs and the macro trends regarding design standards and guidelines. They’ll share insights from their varied perspectives and offer insights into how design standards continue to change, their impact on the design process, and the role you can play in their development.