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Telemedicine: The Genie's Out of the Bottle

When: September 22, 2020
Time: 8:00am Pacific
What: Agenda
Price: Early Bird $245.00


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Multiple COVID-19 relief packages expanded access to telehealth technology by temporarily waiving "originating site" and geographic restrictions on Medicare's coverage of telehealth enabled services. In a pre-pandemic world, Medicare physicians were often not allowed to offer many telehealth services outside of rural areas, while patients in rural areas were not able to receive many telehealth from their home. As a result, the use of telemedicine grew exponentially, many times in an ad-hoc fashion. 

What did we learn? Did these experiences come close to an in-person experience? Did we have appropriate settings to deliver care? In an era where there seemed to be more focus on what we looked like for a Zoom call, did we translate these best practices to telemedicine? How can the environment support this expanded virtual care? 

Please join us as industry experts on telemedicine share the latest on the policy front, how telemedicine was implemented by one system, considerations during planning, and potential solutions to address experiences, strategies and resources that will help you address today’s challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s. 




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Presenting Faculty

Thomas B. Brazelton, MD, MPH
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Healt





Ellen Taylor, Ph.D., AIA, MBA, EDAC
Vice President for Research
The Center for Health Design