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Webinar: 'Purpose-built’ Art in Hospitals: Art with Intent

When: September 30, 2021
Time: 10:00am Pacific
Price: $65 Individual View/$150 Group View

1 unit EDAC continuing education
1 unit AIA continuing education
IDCEC credit also available**

CEU forms available for download during webinar


This webinar is free to our Affiliate+ members.


What happens when you replace some of the soothing landscapes and calming water views found in healthcare spaces with ambiguous or abstract art filled with soaring imagery, color and excitement?

Hear the findings from an international qualitative study suggesting that more challenging, “purpose-built” art commissions can create a wide range of intentional, positive benefits -- inspiring hope, fostering interaction, sparking dialogue, nurturing relationships, bringing joy, building community, and more – to serve the many diverse needs of hospital patients, families, visitors and staff.



Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the contrast of art to sooth and comfort or art to challenge in healthcare settings.
  • Apply curiosity theory to visual art’s purpose in hospitals.
  • Compare selected aspects of visual art processing related to viewing different visual art styles. 
  • Recognize the 15 purposes of visual art in hospitals.


Presenting Faculty

Judy Rollins, PhD, RN
Judy Rollins, PhD, RN, is Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and the Department of Pediatrics at Georgetown University, Adjunct Lecturer in the Center for Arts in Medicine at University of Florida College of Arts, and a Scholar at The Institute for Integrative Health in Baltimore, MD. She is also the President of Rollins & Associates Research and Consulting in Washington, DC, with nearly 40 years' experience in arts in health within hospitals, hospices, military settings, and wider communities. Her book, ‘Purpose-built’ Art in Hospitals: Art with Intent, was released by Emerald Publishing in May 2021.