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Affiliate Member Connections Call

When: January 19, 2022
Time: 11:00am Pacific
Price: Members Only - Free


This Affiliate member call features Addie Abushousheh presenting "Forget Me Not, An Overview of Design Strategies for Older Adults Across the Continuum of Care."


For additional information about this event, please contact Jill Glaser at jglaser@healthdesign.org.

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Forget Me Not, An Overview of Design Strategies for Older Adults Across the Continuum of Care.

Join a discussion with Addie Abushousheh as she shares design strategies for acute and ambulatory care settings!

Older patients, especially those with dementia, are disproportionately negatively affected by healthcare environments that are designed to cater to able-bodied, single-condition patients. The design of care settings is a modifiable risk factor that can facilitate better outcomes. The presentation will explore the objectives of safety, efficiency, satisfaction, and high-quality care in relation to designing care environments supportive of aging and sensitive to dementia. We will share lessons learned from the collaborative production of a visually intuitive and interactive design diagram for aging and dementia-friendly waiting rooms–an open-access resource model for translating an evidence-based literature review into design strategies that promote desired outcomes. We will share specific insights, reflections, suggestions, and strategies for designing acute and ambulatory care settings that are both anticipatory and responsive to the needs of older adults with physical and cognitive impairments, their companions, and personnel.



Presenting Faculty

Addie Abushousheh, PhD, Assoc. AIA, EDAC
Research Associate
The Center for Health Design

Addie Abushousheh is a gerontologist, researcher, and consultant for organizational and environmental development in long-term care. She explores cultural and bio-psycho-social perspectives, organizational structures and processes, physical environments, workforce models, and regulatory and financial frameworks in relation to decision making, resource management, and quality improvement. With combined expertise in architecture, organizational development, aging and applied research, Dr. Abushousheh advances comprehensive and translational agendas related to quality assessment and performance improvement. Addie is a Research Associate with The Center for Health Design, an Adjunct Faculty member at Kent State University, and a Senior Living Advisor for Abacus Institute.