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Damon G. Greeley, PE, CEM, HFDP, CBCP, EDAC, CHFM, a-IPC

Aerobiological Engineer, Co-Managing Partner
Onsite-LLC | Global Health Systems Inc.
Damon Greeley is an aerobiological engineer and co-Managing Partner of OnSite-LLC. For almost 30 years he has lead endeavors in research, planning, assessment, design, commissioning, infection prevention, and environmental monitoring of healthcare spaces and infrastructure systems.  His vision is to continuously improve infection prevention in the healthcare operations environment through engaging innovation and creativity.  As co-Managing Partner of OnSite-LLC he works with his business partner, Dr. Jennifer Wagner, CIC, investigate newer methodologies or technologies that improve infection control coupled with best life cycle costs.  He is LUMA Institute (LI) trained, and facilitates human centered solutions that build consensus around the most advanced yet acceptable (MAYA) approach.  Greeley serves on The Center for Health Design's EDAC Advisory Council and is charged with educating healthcare engineers on implementing Evidence Based Design.  He received his professional engineering (PE) license in 2000, CEM (Certified Energy Manager) in 2004, HFDP (Healthcare Facility Design Professional) certification in 2005, CBCP (Certified Building Commissioning Professional (CBCP) certification in 2006, EDAC (Evidence Based Design) accreditation in 2011, CHFM (Certified Healthcare Facility Manager) certification in 2016, and his certification in Infection Prevention and Control via the Certification Board of Infection Prevention and Epidemiology (CBIC) in 2020.