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Debbie Wiegand

Director of Operations
Debbie has spent more than 30 years in senior living as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. Her culture change journey began in 1994 where she piloted the Eden Alternative in Texas. That success strengthened her resolve to never settle, embrace challenges as learning opportunities, and be a disrupter where change is rarely championed. Industry leaders and influencers have shaped the many creative and inspirational encounters that drive her passion to push the envelope for a better model of care.

As life has unfolded, her passion has become personal by becoming one of the millions of family caregivers impacted by those living with dementia. Seeing the whole person within a disease has taken on new meaning and urgency. Debbie believes, “Life must improve for those who have cared for us, when or if they need support beyond their own homes.”
When professional and personal missions blur, the urgency of The Green House Project core values known as: Real Home, Empowered Staff and Meaningful Life begin to take on new meaning. It is now personal!