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Laurie Salerno, RN

Manager Clinical Support Resources, Inpatient and ED
Froedtert Hospital
Laurie A. Salerno is just as passionate about caring for patients today as she was over three decades ago—when she started off as an RN. “My work gives me so much energy,” Laurie says, “and I feel blessed to give senior patients the kind of care they deserve.” Laurie has also developed a Heart Failure Clinic and Education Series for JenCare that has helped keep our patients out of the hospital and improve their quality of life. “I love that while I’m building close relationships with patients, I also get to change the course of disease,” she adds.

A nurturer at heart, she has cared for loved ones as they’ve battled illness, and has traveled to Nicaragua, Haiti, and Appalachia on mission to help others.  In her free time she gardens, spends time with their rescue animals, or travels to the Eastern Shore, Washington, DC, and Western New York to see their children and grandchildren.