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Sheila J. Bosch, PhD

Assistant Professor and Graduate Coordinator, Department of Interior Design
University of Florida

Sheila J. Bosch, PhD, is an Assistant Professor and Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Interior Design at the University of Florida. For more than two decades, Sheila has sought to understand how environmental design may be leveraged to enhance health and well-being, primarily in educational and healthcare facilities. Sheila’s healthcare design research has investigated environments serving patients of all ages, from birth to the very end of life, and includes intensive care units, medical-surgical units, emergency departments, behavioral health units and skilled nursing facilities. She is a past recipient of a national-level top researcher award (HCD10) from Healthcare Design magazine. Research collaborations, funded by organizations such as the American Society of Interior Designers Foundation, the Academy of Architecture for Health Foundation and the Veterans Administration, have woven together expertise from a variety of disciplines. Prior to arriving at the University of Florida in 2015, Sheila served as the Director of Research for Gresham Smith, a global design firm with an extensive healthcare portfolio.