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Sherri Reyes, MA

Principal & Behavioral Healthcare Consultant
Human eXperience

Sherri is a highly accomplished behavioral healthcare provider and executive with over 29 years of experience. Her expertise flows from her genuine passion for creating therapeutic environments that prioritize patient well-being and recovery as well as patient and staff safety. Understanding the profound impact these spaces can have, Sherri dedicates herself to assisting owners and design teams in crafting environments that are not only safe and compliant but also functional and profitable. Sherri’s analysis skills as a Lean Sigma Green Belt likewise enable her to critically evaluate operational processes, identify areas of improvement, and propose changes that streamline workflows and optimize staffing efficiencies. With her empathetic touch, operational expertise, and appreciation of the behavioral health environment, Sherri’s guidance will leave a lasting impact on the lives of her clients and all those who will inhabit these transformative spaces.