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Sunitha Lakshman

Principal Medical Planner/Designer
Kaiser Permanente
Sunitha Lakshman is a Principal Medical Planner/Designer on Kaiser Permanente’s (KP) National Facilities Services team. Within that group, she is part of the Facilities, Strategy Planning + Design (FSPD) team that oversees design for KP’s building portfolio nationally - 100+ million square feet and more than 800 buildings in eight regions across the United States. As part of the Planning team, Sunitha’s primary role is to develop strategies, programs, tools and processes to support the ever-changing world of health care.
With over 25 years of experience in health care planning and architecture, Sunitha has led medical planning efforts on many significant and diverse projects. She has worked on large health systems and smaller community medical centers. Sunitha’s planning approach is focused on two major goals: -
  1. Providing operationally efficient, functionally based, and cost-effective planning solutions.
  2. Advancing the physical environment for patients, visitors and staff to improve the healthcare experience and positively effect clinical outcomes.