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Healthcare Design 2020 Call for Presentations


2020 Healthcare Design Expo & Conference—Call for Presentations
 Music City Center
201 Fifth Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203
 November 7-10, 2020

Submission deadline—Friday, January 17, 2020


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Healthcare Design Expo & Conference, is an annual conference produced and founded by the industry’s leading healthcare design information and educational advocates, The Center for Health Design and Emerald Expositions, LLC, (publisher of Healthcare Design Magazine)  in association  with the AIA Academy of Architecture for Health and other organizational contributors. Healthcare Design is developed by professionals who are day-to-day advocates and champions for the improvement of healthcare spaces.

This conference is the most comprehensive in the industry, offering attendees a state-of-the-art, multi-track, multi-disciplinary learning event. Attendees benefit from access to the latest and best educational content in healthcare design delivered from thought leaders and innovators within the field.



Healthcare Design Expo & Conference welcomes presentation proposals that are suited to our educational foci, which include (but are not limited to): evidence-based design research studies, reports & case studies; patient safety and satisfaction; high performance hospital/ sustainable practices; ambulatory care; remodeling/ renovation/ conversions; innovations in facility planning and management; design challenges & solutions; impact of technology; design for wellness; specialty facilities and/or departments; financing and operations; clinical perspectives; international trends and practices; healthcare in the home; healthcare in the home;  as well as other timely topics.



Healthcare Design Expo & Conference draws its audience from many disciplines and different levels of professional experience including architecture, interior design, facilities management, academia, clinical care, product developers, service providers, and researchers to name a few.



The Healthcare Design Expo & Conference offers educational content delivery through several formats.

Educational Sessions—are designed to provide attendees with just-breaking information, case studies, and research findings on a myriad of topics. The conference is looking for educational sessions that apply to a:

  • General education track: offering case studies, evidence-based design outcomes or processes and topic related sessions. 
  • Research track: offering the latest evidence-based design research findings on a variety of topics that include study objectives, methods, findings and practical implications.

Speakers are expected to offer information-rich presentations (supported by visual presentation) with opportunities for Q & A. The attendance in educational sessions may range from 50-250 people. Educational sessions are one-hour in length.

Interactive Roundtable Discussions—are designed to provide attendees with focused, yet more informal interactive programming on a specific area of interest. Moderators are expected to share just-breaking information about the topic at hand, encourage dialogue and facilitate discussion. Attendance in roundtable discussions may range from 20-45 people. Interactive roundtable discussions are one hour in length.


Contact Jen Wilcox, Director of Education, The Center for Health Design, 925.521.9404 ext. 119, jwilcox@healthdesign.org.